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Thread: jmk dvd player

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    jmk dvd player

    Hi i got a jmk dvd player from ezy dvd and was wondering if anyone knows how to get the menu to appear on divx movies. I have 5 movies on one disc and thought it would automatically give me a menu.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Is this a divx menu (as in inserted by the divx software) or the file list that you mean?
    Most divx players don't support the newer divx menu system.
    Unless you are talking about the list of files.
    Is it a divx player or just a dvd player?

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    the new batch of jmk players currently selling at ezy dvd are riddled with problems, in the settings there is an option to turn on or off auto play, unfortunatley alot of these models still auto play regardless of if it is on or off, not all models are affected but try that first and see what happens, i have been through about 5 of the new models (black with USB slot) and have had issues with all 5 of them including not being able to get the menu for divx movies, im sticking to the previous model (everything is the same except no usb slot) i did direct comparisions with both the older model and the new and the older one played everything flawlessly, including menus, no jumping, very quick remote response time.

    some of the problems i encountered with the new model is the remote not responding till about the 6th time you push the button, very long loading times for dvd menus, chapter skipping, lots of laggy dvd watching etc, and the terribly annoying blue light the blasts out of the dvd tray cover makes you feel like your watching a movie in the streets of amsterdam.

    then again, you may pick one up that does everything perfectly, its pot luck with these things.
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    Thanks very much for help. I purchased this just for the divx movies so am disappointed with it already. I have had the same problem with the remote that you mentioned as well.


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