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Thread: Tevion TV007 $35 DvD Player with USB in Aldi's post Xmas Sale

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    Tevion TV007 $35 DvD Player with USB in Aldi's post Xmas Sale

    Hi Everyone
    I haven't posted for a long time, but I just bought one of these, and I thought some of you might be interested in my initial impressions.
    Other players which I have are LG Df8900p (still my favourite), Omni DX-4200, Vibe EN306TV HDD media enclosure with 80gb Seagate Fat32 Drive (Only used as a USB External drive now because of the horrible software on it.) & an earlier Aldi/Tevion $35 DVD player with USB (TDVD08 same as Conia M580).
    The older Tevion and the Omni are most comparable, so most of my thoughts are based on my experiences with those.

    The new one is called a TV007. It runs a Mediatek MT1389DE chip, and has similar menus (but worse) to the Omni (before AndW's firmware Upgrade) ie only 8 character File/Folder support, and OSD on by default.
    It would be interesting to know if this one is a rebadged model.

    It seems to play all the Divx & xvid discs OK that I have tried so far.
    That is a mixture of ripped DVD,s, downloads, and Dig TV recordings, (ads edited, and divx 6.8 encoded with AutoGK) .
    Some of the discs, that were burned with a very old burner, play fine on this one, and on the LG, but won't play on the Tevion TDVD08 or the Omni.
    It's not the files that are at fault, because the TDVD08 will play them fine via USB. It seems that the actual DVD drive is better on the TV007 (opens and closes quicker too). Tray is just as flimsy.

    The remote on this new player is horrible, just as bad as some of the early Zensonics.Very weak and unresponsive with horrid little confusing buttons. Also it has some conflicts with our Conia 26" bedroom TV
    The remote on the TDVD08 is really nice, as is the Omni one. you don't need to point acurately , and it's powerful enough to bounce it off the back wall.

    The USB seems to be great. It seems to see/play everything I have on a Sandisk cruzer 8Gb flash drive, also a Lacie 500Gb Fat32 External self powered drive, and the EN306 TV (which makes that quite usable).
    The older Tevion sees the Lacie drive, but can't see any files/folders on it, but it is fine withe the flash drives or the EN306.
    I don't seem to get any choppy play problems, that others have experienced when playing stuff through USB, on either of these. Most of my Divx/Xvids are around about 1200Kbs VBR.
    I also haven't had any Fast Forwarding or GoTo problems thru the USB with either of these yet.
    I have done the card reader/USB mod on the LG, and that is hopeless by comparison to these Tevion's.

    The Menus Are much nicer on the TDVD08 ( That runs a Zoran ZR36962ELCG chip.) That also only shows 8 chars, but when you select a file, the full filename/address is shown in a nice title bar.

    Physically It's more compact than all the others which I have tried which is nice. It has a proper power switch but has an annoying big blue ring of light, thats on even in standby.
    Connections are 5.1 discreet + L&R analog audio connectors, Coaxial and Optical dig audio. Composite, component and Svideo for the video connections.
    No PC/VGA (which the Omni has), No HDMI.
    On the other hand the TDVD08 doesn't have Optical out or PC/VGA.

    Playing MP3s is a mixed bag.
    It can see the files in Folder view, or Filelist view, which is good,(TDVD08 does'nt have this, Omni does), although if you have a USB drive with videos, pictures and mp3s, they will be all mixed together in Filelist view.
    Also you can Navigate a page at a time, which is good.(TDVD08 does'nt have this, Omni does)
    What is desperately lacking is the ability to skip tracks, and any sort of Random/Shuffle play, which makes it pretty hopeless as a DVD/USB Mp3 player. The TDVD08 can do those, which makes it worth $35 just for its Mp3 playing IMHO. The Omni has Random/Shuffle, but can't skip tracks.

    In conclusion I reckon the TV007 Is a bargain, as was the TDVD008.
    I find I like using the TDVD08 best, out of the two Tevions.
    If you could have the TDVD08 Remote and menus, along with its file skipping and random play abilities, in the nice compact TV007 box with it's less fussy USB/DVD support, and Filelist view, and then chuck in
    long file name support, Optical and VGA Connections, you would have an awsome machine for which I'd gladly pay the cost of both of them put together. (I wonder if that would be a partly doable project?)

    If someone with andw's ability was to modify the TV007's Firmware, to give it long file name support and turn off the default OSD like he did with the Omni DX-4200, I think I would then prefer it to the TDV008 and the Omni.
    If the Omni Remote could be mapped to it in the firmware (Omni's Metiatek too), and maybe chuck in Random play, it would be even better still.
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    Plays video files?

    Thanks for the above detailed review - much appreciated. I had a look at the manual in-store and it is not clear from it that it plays video files through the USB port. Could you confirm that it does and maybe list the video formats that work through the USB?

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    USB video

    I bought this unit so I can answer my own question. I tested it with an AVI file on a USB and it worked fine although I had to change the player's audio settings to 2 channel to get dialogue coming through (default is 5.1).
    Like the first poster I think this unit is a bargain.
    Pity they don't mention USB video in the manual - only MP3 and JPEG through the USB are mentioned.

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    i cant seem to get it working from a usb drive or usb thumb drive. Trying to play mp3 or divx movies.

    Any special settings i need to put it on?

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    Question Can anyone help with unlocking the TV007?

    I am not able to find out how to unlock the TV007 - would appreciate any help. Thx

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