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Thread: Western Digital TV HD Media Player

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    Western Digital TV HD Media Player

    Hi All

    Just thought I would post some info for you all on this product as its been a real winner for me.
    What is it : Western Digital TV HD Media Player
    What does it cost: RRP $199
    What does it do:
    Basically this very small unit 4cm H x 12cm W x 10 cm L stays permanently connected to your new or old TV (connections HDMI, Fiber optic/Tos Link or RCA yellow,red,white)
    You then copy from your PC: TV Torrents, Movies, Photos, Music etc: to your USB Key or portable hard drive walk to your Media Player connect via two available USB slots sit back with the remote and enjoy High quality video format right up to Blu-ray 1080P, Photos or Music. 720p.HDTV.X264 play back at 720P and full 5.1 surround (fiber optic cable from Media Player connected to surround AMP) even pdtv.xvid files look brilliant. Link to a forum dedicated to this Media player based around video file format playback capabilities.
    I did a fair bit of Homework on this Media player before purchasing Forums/Reviews etc The general consensus was VERY POSITIVE especially on PC video file format playback.
    Hope this is Helpful to some.
    Cheers Straussy.

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    Thanks Straussey,

    I have been looking into this one too and if it had an ethernet port for streaming from my network share I would buy it today .... it seems as though manufacturers are finally catching up with the file formats though .... it's only taken about 3 years!
    Chopsus Maximus
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    Thanks for the links. Looks interesting. Biggest issue for me is lack of DTS processing on mkv's. I don't have a DTS-capable amp.

    On another (related) issue, it annoys me slightly that professional reviewers always show photos of the box. What I really want to see are screenshots.

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    I grabbed one of these last week and i've put it through every test using a 54' Pana plasma and a Yammy Amp.It has good and bad points but the things it does well are trully outstanding.The bad first though and that's the perfomance with dvd files.Vob files are useless as it won't play them correctly.The only way to find the movie is to enable file size option letting you scroll down to the first 1gb chunk of the movie.Playing these in sequence is flawed though because all the audio and subs streams can't be accesed.Playing iso images is better as this will take you strait to the full movie and all audio and sub streams can now be found.PQ is nothing to get excited over however.On par with a cheap non upscaling dvd player,watchable but not pleasing to the eye.Sound on the other hand is spectacular,this little device pumps out as good a AQ as i've ever encounted from a media device.Holds it's own with my Oppo dvd player and Sony BD player i sh!t you not.Tried playing a BD M2ts file and it starts to play but stutters about 30 sec in.Things look a whole lot better here than dvd with great visuals before it grinds to a halt,audio is the core dts or dd not a full HD audio passthrough.The device can be set to playback files at 1080/24p so maybe M2ts playback is a work in progress with future firmware updates.Now the real upside is playback of Divx/Xvid files.Simply put it's a stunner of a device.Files playback at near HD quality,multible audio streams are no problemo as well as multi sub streams.Subtitle font size can be reduced to small for those of us with big screens and no characters ever get lost off the end of the sentence like you get with most devices of this type.In a word if you ever download anything off the net this is the Rolls Royce way to watch them back on your tv.
    Kevin! Penny

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    Had this device for over 2 months now, it's a small little sh!t in itself, I find it hanging from the computer bench, with the hdmi & network cables dangling like Tarzan, and that remote always gets lost in funny places, like inside the lounge chair or under the toilet when I..... then I run back to the movie and realize ive lost it, and can't find it or forgot where it was
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