I'm moving overseas and these movies can't come with me
This is my prized collected. PM with an offer or if you would like to see pics of the title or more info.


The Amityville Horror Collection
Inside Man
Lost Highway
Blue Velvet
Dead Man
Planet Terror 2 Disc
25th Hour
X Men 1.5
Gladiator 2 Disc
Muriels Wedding
Cleopatra Jones
Shark Boy and Lavagirl 2 Disc
Matt Damon and Ben Affleck Collection
War of The Worlds
War of The Worlds
Dave Chappelle
Bubba Ho-tep
Spy Kids 2
Coffee and Cigarettes
Evil Dead 2
The Eveil Dead
O Brother Where Art Thou
Get Shorty
Zombie Holocaust
Army of Darkness
Raising Arizona
An American Werewolf in London
Urban Cowboy
Big Top Pee Wee
Barton Fink
Rock n Roll High School
Raging Bull
Spinderman 2
The Faculty
Stir of Echos
Chasing Amy
Knocking on Heavens Door
Six String Samurai
Evil Dead 2
Dr Strangelove
Time Bandits
Raging Bull
Nacho Libre