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Thread: Karate / Martial Arts / Self Defence

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    Karate / Martial Arts / Self Defence


    Complete newbie to Martial Arts here.

    As a family (mid-30's age wife, 3.5yo son, & myself late 30's age) looking at getting into some kind of martial arts, mainly for:

    1) Some fitness & exercise,
    2) Learn some self defense,
    3) Enjoy a challenging, progressive activity as a family,
    4) Some reasonable education about confrontation techniques, balance, coordination, etc. especially for the boy as he grows,
    5) Improvement on some self discipline and something healthy, productive & active to focus on.

    Prob looking at getting into something 1 night a week during whatever season (if they even have "seasons"), with a view to giving it a good somewhat regular go over the coming years if we all enjoy and find we are getting a fair bit out of it.

    We may find some karate type of activity more enjoyable, or some Tae Kwon Do type of activity more enjoyable - don't know.

    Only something pretty casual, I cannot see any of us getting into it seriously.
    However I personally would like to achieve some reasonable level of beginner's self defence at some stage.

    In the Newcastle NSW area I see:

    1) Tae Kwon Do - - has some weekly classes at certain suburban locations.

    2) Kumiai-Ryu Martial Arts - - at the Broadmeadow PCYC have weekly sessions including Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Kata Class, & Karate-based Old Style Okinawan/Kyusho Jitsu/Ju-Jitsu/Kali etc. (instructors accredited thru AKWF & MAIA) (Whatever all that means

    3) HVMAC - - Chitokai/Chito-Ryu Karate

    As well as some other places.

    Any advice on how we might get into this type of thing, what I should be considering & looking for?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I have done a few different martial arts over the years. I always loved Karate, its not the most effective form but has so many other layers to it.

    The only thing I would say is that most really do require about 2 sessions a week if you want to progress at all. My advice would be to just go do a few lessons at a couple of different ones. A lot of ones I've been to they usually do at least one free lesson so you can see if its for you.

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    I took my daughter to try it out (at a Martial Arts Institute dojo), but we've decided not to do it at this time because they required a commitment of at least one session per week, and if you wanted to have a week off you needed to provide either a medical cert or airline tickets etc to prove you were going to be away - I think because it's about discipline as much as fitness and self-defence. We'll be going away sometime this year during term time but we don't have exact dates.
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    My 9yo son commenced his 1st ever introductory Karate lesson (children's "Dynamites") @ HVMAC ( ) this week which emphasizes fun and fitness as well as more pure martial arts training if you wish.
    2 sessions per week.

    Oh and I've just signed up too.. (!)
    Have never practised any martial arts before, tho have been interested.

    Apparently it's Chitokai Karate, an interpretation of the traditional method of Chito-Ryu.
    They offer some casual fitness programmes (e.g. "Cardio Combat") as well as proper Karate training catering for people who are more serious or not.
    As well as things like: "MMA Boxing / Kickboxing", "Barizlian Jiu Jitsu", "Kobudo" (weapon systems of Okinawan martial arts) and more fun kids' programmes etc.

    Including, for those willing & able, progression to the highest ranking of Black Belt - this system has the belt-colour ranking from Beginner to top as:
    - Yellow,
    - Orange,
    - Red (end of beginners),
    - Green (start of advanced),
    - Blue,
    - Purple,
    - Brown, and
    - Black.
    (With other stripes and stuff intermingled I don't understand)

    Could be the start of quite the journey..
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