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Thread: Blu Ray 4 Trade

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    Blu Ray 4 Trade

    Hey dudes,

    These still for trade, all region free or b unless stated.

    Dusk till Dawn (CAN, Region Free)
    Pineapple Express
    Cast Away (US, Region A)
    In Bruges
    Deja Vu
    Star Trek Wrath of Khan
    Star Trek Voyage Home
    Star Trek Final Frontier
    The Spirit
    Death Proof
    Be Kind Rewind (CAN, Region Free)
    Doomsday (CAN, Region Free)
    Diary of the Dead (CAN, Region Free)
    Men in Black
    Run Lola Run
    I am Legend
    X-Files I want to believe
    Clones Wars (CAN, Region Free)
    Final Fantasy Spirits within
    The Omen (Trilogy - 3 disc set, B, UK)
    Night Watch & Day Watch (trade together, won't split)
    Batman Forever & Batman & Robin (trade together, won't split)

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