G'day folks.

This section is for buying/selling/trading etc...
Please note this section is not for businesses selling dvds. Businesses can advertise in one thread per week in the Where To Buy section.
Please stick to this and stay on topic.
NO PIRACY IS PERMITTED and repeat offenders WILL be banned.
The overall forum rules about behaviour apply here too and can be viewed here....

If you are not happy about advertised prices or have doubts about the legitimacy of an item, send the person a polite Private Message or email.
Do not post a message in public as it may be taken the wrong way, or could harm the sale.
Contact a Moderator if you do not wish to contact the seller yourself and we'll do our best to look into it.

We don't mind legitimate questions that are harmless or even the occasional funny/nice comments, but no more petty b!tching or damaging a thread that someone is trying to do business in.

We have a section for General Chat and there is also a dedicated section called Trader References to leave legitimate feedback for members here.

Now, as for the topic of adult DVDs for sale ..............

This is a bit of hard one (get it!) to moderate.
* From now on, all adult DVDs must be sold in the Official thread only.
* Do not start a new thread to sell porn. It will be deleted.
* To advertise your stuff, you will have to reply to that thread with what you have for sale and intersted people can contact you via PM or email.
* There are to be no pictures, links to pictures or links to web sites providing porn allowed. If this happens, your entire message will be deleted.
* Buyers must be over 18 to buy adult material and we obviously cannot enforce this, so it is the responsibility of the seller to ensure that they are not breaking the law.
* The rule of no commercial sellers still applies here.
* We will be deleting older messages as time goes by to keep the thread at a reasonable length.

Contact myself or nsu if you'd like to discuss this.

Regarding the sale of games and consoles....
All game and gaming equipment sales/trades are to be done in the "Gamers Room".

Threads created to promote Ebay links are not permitted. If you want to promote your auctions, you can have a single link in your signature.

Thanks for your time and good luck with your sales/trades.