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Thread: Webhosts

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    wget will get your external IP. Perhaps it is easier than probing your router.

    I used to use for one of the ADSL line. is no good anymore. They need you login every month to keep the account going. Some routers would not send trigger if the IP is not changed. I ended up doing DIY dynamic dns.
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    I sort of like that I'm probing the router actually, for 2 reasons. One is because I put time into it damnit The other reason is that I can do it more often if it does tend to piss people off that you're hitting your site too much and I don't want to piss them off and get my account cancelled or the whole exercise of having a domain name pointed at me is pointless... or I'll have to go elsewhere that provides it and I don't know where that is, especially that its free. dyndns does provide one that you can scrape much easier btw, in case its of use in a script later on
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    It doesn't cost them much bandwidth. I didn't know that about having to sign in once a month.
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