Hey guys

This is the Tangled tale of a teenage Rapunzel who has been locked
away in a tower for all of her life.

The ruggedly handsome and roguishly charming outlaw Flynn Rider
climbs up Rapunzel's tower to hide out only to be taken prisoner by
70 feet of Rapunzel's gorgeous blonde hair.

They both strike a deal to get her out of the tower and set off for
action-packed adventures with an over-protective chameleon and a very
COOL horse.

We've created a web site with the Disney Tangled theme song &
lyrics including videos plus 56 Disney Tangled wallpaper & coloring
pages to be printed out and colored, video clips, and even links to
the trailers. Please check it out & sign up in the forum community
for updates.

http://tangled.juniortoons.com/ (USA Friends)
http://tangled.juniortoons.co.uk/ (UK / Aussie Pals)

Thanks very much, these cartoons are for the kid in all of us,
especially the tweens & teens!