Multiculturalists want increasing racial and
ethnic conflicts, and what happens to the
minorities after maximization of these conflicts,
and indeed globalist dictatorship, is achieved, is
of no concern to them. Likewise the wrecked
environment. If you look at any massively
overpopulated country like China, India, Great
Britain, Mexico, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia,
etc., you can see the quickening of the "tragedy
of the commons". You will also see millions in
denial of their catastrophe. The shadow of
overpopulation and resource depletion always hung
over Australia, but through the magic of plague
immigration, it is now developing into a tornado.
Australia will soon be stripped bare. Globalism is
a very hungry revolution.

Multicultural nongs and globalist chaos merchants
have replaced the good country we grew up in with
a cultural wasteland and a moral sewer not worth
living in and not worth fighting for. A mighty
Ponzi scheme structure built on a foundation of
lies. Yes, plague immigration takes jobs. We
disadvantage poor countries by taking their
skilled labour and leave our own people on the
scrap heap. You can almost smell the social
environment degrading. When Aussies let alien
cuckoos lay eggs in the Australian nest, it was
inevitable that they would breed, and leave
Aussies to raise the hatchlings of cultural,
economic and environmental doom. Multicultural
diversity, the official doctrine of defeat.

Baby bonuses and burgeoning immigration numbers
are well within the powers of our politicians, yet
they pretend that population growth is just
mysteriously happening to us, something that they
have no control over. It's a dirty racket. The
glowing promises of plague immigration will leave
Aussies with an enormous surplus population, a
depleted land, and an epic debt. Why let these
globalist weasel politicians sell you a
smouldering ruin like the collapsed and imploded
WTC towers. The kinship that once united
Australians into a people bound by a shared
heritage has been lost due to the massive,
unrelenting influx of so many disparate cultures.
Australia looks like a third world country with
little coherence or direction.