Argument over whether Australia should aim for 36
million people by 2050 is conducted as if the
whole world by then is like a richer version of
what it is now. That delusion highlights the
supreme lunacy of the climate change debate.
Imported ethnics gradually form self-contained
ghettos in Australian cities. Their sheer numbers
obviate the need for much interaction with other
groups. Ethnic suburbs soon breed tribal hatreds
against Australian culture and laws. As long as as
our governments run plague immigration programs,
conservatism is doomed. Too bad that our quisling
leaders won't understand that plague immigration
and taxpayer-funded breeding programs are
destroying Australia.

As governments try to keep multicultural diversity
from erupting into massive social violence, the
mass immigration catastrophe becomes apparent. But
the plague landlords and property pimps find
unaffordable housing a parasite's dream come true.
Aussies are now familiar with piss-weak parrot
journalism. Plague immigration and globalism were
lifted to the status of religious dogma by media
drones promoting globalist ratbaggery. Few
combinations are more poisonous than greed and
stupidity. Globalist advocates of unrestricted or
very high levels of immigration, seem idiotically
to have deluded themselves into portraying what is
actually a piece of economic self-interest as
high-minded philanthropy.

Alas, unsustainable growth mania will go on, while
ever the rich profit from increased population,
through this immoral Ponzi scheme, and keep
pouring money into the major parties. No wonder
bent politicians support toxic population growth.
Beneath Australia's veneer of drooling mass idiocy
are raw realities: plague immigration, racial
friction, ethnic gang crime and Anglophobic
resentment, violent dumbed-down schools,
homelessness, growing poverty and a mushrooming
debt-bubble. Even though "sustainable population
growth" is a mathematical impossibility, that is
where much of your tax money will be pissed away.
With crippling white elephant infrastructure
projects and the like, Australia's impoverished
future is assured.