Watching the footy on Friday night, it was simulcast between Prime/Seven and Fox

Prime's telecast was in SD and it showed. However, when I switched over to Fox
Footy, on a MystarHD connected to a 50" Panasonic plasma via HDMI, the quality
was hardly any better.

On Saturday night I watched a match which was solely on Fox Footy, yet the PQ
was noticably better than what we were watching on Friday night.

Presumably Seven is the orginating broadcaster. Does it own its own OB equipment
and if so, is it actually working in full HD? Or is it scaled back or something
for transmission and it's relayed to Foxtel/Austar?

On Sunday they had the V8s on 7Mate, a supposedly HD channel. Yet, the PQ didn't
look it, particularly when compared to F1 on OneHD.

I'm really disappointed at the treatment we're receiving from Australian
television broadcasters in this regard (content is another issue).