Since Foxtel would be able to build up a substantial library of old TV programs, I would like to see a 'Soap' channel dedicated specifically for Soap Operas, a 'Games' channel devoted specifically to Game Shows and a 'Talk' channel aimed specifically
for talk shows. I know there is a variety of these types of shows
spread over other channels, but Foxtel need to label these channels exclusively just as they do with sport, music, soft-core porn, movies and news, that way it would be easier for the Femmes to findeth them.
At the moment the afore-mentioned categories are a bit too broad,
In America they even have a 'Golf' channel devoted exclusively to Golf, nottoo unlike the idea of our 'Fox Footy' channel which is exclusively devoted to 'Footy'.

So how about it, Foxtel, 'Games', 'Talk' and 'Soap' channels for the ladies(and gents), so they knoweth where to findeth them !!