flatulantdingo@deadspam.com wrote:

> As an aside, their sim cards are only supposed to work on 3G
> (Telstra); I have noticed that quite often they are downloading on
> WCDMA. Other times 3G.

From https://www.aldimobile.com.au/help#support-319

"Our services run where Telstra 2G and 3G networks have
coverage. The ALDImobile mobile product provides a 3G coverage
footprint of 97% of the Australian population covering more than
960,000 square kilometres. Outside the 3G coverage footprint,
customers will revert to 2G coverage and speeds."

Note that WCDMA is UMTS is 3G. GSM is 2G.

Also note that Aldi Mobile uses Telstra Wholesale. As such,
fewer cells are available than are available to Telstra retail
customers. This mainly affects remote areas.