Paul <> wrote in
>Frank Slootweg wrote:
>> Sn!pe <> wrote:
>>> Siri Cruise <> wrote:
>>>> In article <Jeff-Relf.Me@Jun.9{6.47.Seattle.2013}>, Jeff-Relf.Me <@.> wrote:
>>>>> By the way, here's a more recent picture of me ( Jeff Relf ):
>>>>> http://Jeff-Relf.Me/Jeff.Relf.Seattle.2013.JPG
>>>> The horror. The horror.
>>> OMG, those eyes, they burrrn into my soul...

>> Luckily, I didn't see a thing (other than some weird looking string of
>> characters).
>> Now if he would have written
>> <http://Jeff-Relf.Me/Jeff.Relf.Seattle.2013.JPG>
>> it would have been a different story, but he didn't.
>> Standards? Jeff Relf just says "No!".

>If I were Jeff, I'd be worried about what could happen
>to my picture.

Way too late for a change of heart.
Relf's kraziness is only matched by your dimwitted ****ery, Paul.

> Paul

Your obsession with self image is bringing out a chink in
your "I am not P a u l Derbyshire" spiel. Derbyshire.
That "I smell my dookie and it aint mine" p'shp thread
had real impact hey hey! LOL

jes sayin' like......