On Sun, 22 Sep 2013 13:39:39 +0100, J. P. Gilliver (John) wrote:

> In the UK, your contract would I think be with where you bought the
> computer (I think you said Costco)

That was me, and not the OP.
1. I bought a Dell at Costco which came with Office 2010 (oem version)
2. Dell fedex'd free backup media for Wind8 (oem version) & drivers
3. Microsoft fedex'd free backup media for Office 2010 (retail version)

The catch 22 was that Dell installed the MS Office but wouldn't send
backup media, while Microsoft doesn't support OEM Office installations.

> - I think - either give you what you bought in a working condition (if
> that was a computer including Office including Outlook), or give you a
> refund of the purchase price paid.

The OP had apparently installed Outlook on a kid's computer where
the kid was overseas for a semester in school, so the OP's problem
wasn't media, but freely downloadable Microsoft Office software.

The OP's first problem was initially that he/she didn't realize that
Office 2007 Home and Student didn't come with Outlook.

The OP apparently solved the problem simply by downloading the freely
available MS Office 2007 Home & Student from Microsoft, and then the
harder to find MS Office 2003 Student and Teacher Edition, and he/she
simply installed 2007 and then just Outlook from 2003 on top of it.

> I am glad Dell and Microsoft helped out ...
> I'd hope they would in the interests of good public/customer relations),
> unless the original product explicitly stated that the purchase price
> included support by Dell and/or Microsoft.

I'm no lawyer, but in the USA, Dell will support your computer for
a year for free - and that includes sending you backup media, for free.

For me, the hard part was getting Microsoft to send me the MS Office
backup media for free; but they eventually agreed to my arguments
that they "said" they would ship it to me for $12.99 but they didn't
(so Microsoft Fedex'd overnight the retail version backup media for free).

Here's a screenshot where Microsoft "says" I can buy backup media:

Here's what they sent because I couldn't actually buy the backup media:

In the end, Dell supported everything but their OEM installation
of MS Office; and Microsoft supported their retail version of Office.

It probably wasn't worth all the phone calls though, as, for something
like a hundred bucks I could have just bought MS Office 2010 retail.