..... does count.

Good on Freo for making it to their first GF, but there is a lot more to
that match than any other game.

At least both GF sides have the comfort of being defeated by Richmond (the
same as the GF sides last year, perversely......) this season.

Richmond almost beat Freo twice this year and beat Hawthorn with one major
common factor - their pace which gave them the ability to cut through the
defensive flood applied as a general tactic by both teams. Richmond were
able to use this pace earlier in the season before injuries and fatigue
brought them back to the pack in this area.

To me Freo seem very vulnerable to any side with some pace, but look very
good against the sides that use plain muscle around the packs. If Hawthorn
can find just a couple of players with the pace to escape the Freo
mid-fielders they will win easily, otherwise it may be a close tussle.

Regards, David.

David Clayton
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Knowledge is a measure of how many answers you have, intelligence is a
measure of how many questions you have.