There's been some really stupid executive decisions by Telstra in the
past, and selling their DVD mail out customer base to Quickflix in
favour of digital downloads, is certainly up there with the 'best' of
them. QF has been laughing all the way to the bank ever since. Not only
does QF now have all the DVD mail out business, but it has also stuck it
to Telstra with digital downloads as well with their unlimited downloads
for a low monthly fee versus Telstra's fee per download, leaving Telstra
nowhere to go! I swear the average person has more sense than some
highly paid executives.

Received this via email today..

Hey Quickflixers!

We thought we'd let you know that we've sent out 20 million DVDs to our

Many thanks to all of our members who helped make this possible, we
trust you've enjoyed all the movies and TV shows you've received over
the years.

To celebrate this milestone, the member who received the 20 millionth
DVD will receive a special surprise from Quickflix!

So stay tuned and thanks again for choosing Quickflix!


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