On 9/30/2013 12:01 PM, Larc wrote:
> On Sun, 29 Sep 2013 10:53:26 -0400, Michael Black <et472@ncf.ca>
> wrote:

> | And then computers came along, everyone wants sound, but doesnt'
> want the | space. So instead of a decent sound system, they add
> horrible plastic | speakers with just enough amplification to get
> some sound out of them. | They aren't there for sound, they are there
> to get some sound.

> Those tiny (and usually tinny) speakers don't interest me. The
> soundcard in my main desktop feeds into a Technics digital receiver
> that powers a pair of floor-standing speakers (old Wharfedales), a
> center channel speaker mounted in the back top of the desk kneehole
> and 2 surround speakers. That setup does a great job on audio
> including CDs, DVD movies and TV.
> Larc

A setup after my own heart, Feed a decent home stereo head and have
that drive good speakers rather then use PC amp/speaker combo.
Trumps everyday.

(Psst, my setup drives some old BIC Formula speakers, Sounds