32" monitor is gone now that I'm waiting on shipment of a 23" $100 AOC
replacement for this 19" NEC. Hopefully 23" will adequately cover a
more comfortable resolution adjustment to program size ratios.

So are the 32" monitor speakers I'd hooked up to my soundcard.

Found some "laptop" speakers laying around, I'd never really tried out
until now. USB powered, size of an orange folded, whereupon extending
the speakers on a fixed axis hinge, the drivers are 2-1/2 mirror
surfaces. A USB power and a sound mini-jack are both its cables.

Everything I do on either the mouse or with the browser is picked up
and now emits a low static hum. Being everything is on a solid state
drive it's all very faithful in an instantaneous state.

It's an innocuous hum, btw, and not loud or intrusive; I like it.

Tempting to tear it apart to get at that amazingly chipped amplifier
board and re-incorporate it at some bare minimum into a computer case.
Not that I do understood why this isn't a standard feature to cases.

Probably because there's too many people paying real money to buy into
garbage-grade "PC speakers" for various soundcard "Dolby" arrays in
collusion with and as further provided from the likes of companies
supplying keyboards and mice...

....you think?