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Thread: 23" $100 AOC - review

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    23" $100 AOC - review

    $119, actual: AOC E2360SD
    Black 23" 5ms Widescreen LED Backlight Monitor
    3-yr AOC warrantee, fwiw

    No reviews, as yet. Must be a fresh nomenclature/60-series upgrade,
    so here's looking at you on it.

    Typing, it's so flimsy, it's wobbling. (Easy: should have got some
    spare iron if not bases around.)

    Best figure you'd better know how to use color temp calibrators. It's
    still not right with the contrast way down to 10%, 45% bright, and RGB
    all up to 75%. Guess I'll need to pull some of my PRO grade monitor
    calibration utilities. They're fun.

    Looks like it'll do the trick for my eyes, over the 19" NEC, which is
    a nicer picture "out of the box" for a 10-year-old LCD flatscreen.
    Bigger, that is - that extra 5 inches helps. I came down from 32", so
    that's not even saying what a 25" or 27" monitor would be like.

    By the way, these things aren't cheap. Unless, of course, you're like
    me. ...I'll take it over the 19" NEC, anyday, on improved text/font

    It's spec'd up for 1920x1080, and plugging it in "hot" to a running
    computer, XP/SP1 picked up it's native resolution right off.

    Hopefully, I'll get this shit coloring right and some decent
    contrast/brightness ratios with better software calibration aides.

    They're all 5-star AOC ratings, btw, in this particular "series" of
    manufacture;- should imagine this model is notably or fundamentally
    different in its circuitry. My first LED. Whoopee. (Could be LED is
    brighter on the edges than LCD. . .kinda hard to tell.)

    It should also occur to you, at $100, these thing's ratings are skewed
    on a value orientation (think business people buying 5 at a time to
    outfit operators perfunctorily in office environs. Me, I'm better:
    Oh, boy - I can calibrate.)

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    Ext User(Flasherly) Guest

    Re: 23" $100 AOC - review

    On Fri, 11 Oct 2013 18:10:30 -0400, Flasherly <>
    >Hopefully, I'll get this shit coloring right and some decent
    >contrast/brightness ratios with better software calibration aides.

    Turned out a gamma problem, in part, since I don't have MS NET
    FRAMEWORK installed, par for Intel VideoChipSet support. Figures.

    The AOC has Gamma Sel: 1/2/3 firmware. No good. Not granular enough.

    Found this works better, though not so sure about its loader. Gets
    rid a washed-out icon look and returns vibrant colors. Much better.

    QuickGamma & QuickGammaLoader
    Copyright © 2003, 2004, 2005 Eberhard Werle

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