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Thread: Paraguayan Boobs

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    Paraguayan Boobs

    Paraguay is a small enough country that I wasn't sure I would turn up any results. Amazingly, though, this site exists and came up at the top of the search results. I feel really gratified to know that there's people out there as ridiculous as me running a website.

    There are only 14 women's boobs on that site, from Paraguay.

    Paraguas means Umbrella in Spanish. I have no idea what Paraguay means. "guay" at the beginning of a word is pronounced like "why" in English. I got to thinking yesterday, that surely there are some, however I can't think of any words in Spanish that have an "sh" in them and I couldn't think of anything that made that noise either except for an elongated "ch" which is usually during a slang expression. Most Spanish speakers, even uneducated ones, know what the majority of English curse words are, though, and would know what "shit" means.

    So there you go; boobs AND education.

    This woman is considerably dark for someone from Paraguay. They have a heavy European ancestry and are usually pretty white.
    Ecuadorian women can be ridiculously hot and can have ridiculous asses as well. You wouldn't want to have spent your younger years here, though, because they all want to get married and often have 2 kids by the age of 21.
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