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Thread: Do not display spoilers in discussions plus a few rules.

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    Do not display spoilers in discussions plus a few rules.

    G'day everyone.
    This forum is for the discussion of Movies/TV/DVD/Music & Entertainment and is not to be used for other topics, so no discussion of rep points, hair or your pets thanks. All the usual forum rules apply, such as no offensive content, no spamming etc.......
    Do not ask about where to download movies, music and television.

    There's a good chance that others haven't seen the movie or TV show that you may be discussing, so to keep things so that everyone can actively take part in that discussion, please avoid spoilers or use the spoiler tags to hide what you say.

    What are spoiler tags?
    When you reply to a message or create a new one, you'll see a whole bunch of icons just above the text box. You should be able to see a red one that says spoiler.....
    Use your mouse to highlight the text you want to hide and then while it's highlighted, click on that spoiler icon. This will enclose your text in a spoiler box and people will then have to highlight the text in that box to read what you said.

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