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SalesMart sells DVD Media and DVD Cases Australia wide.
DVD Media, DVD Cases are sent out Registered Post with Delivery
Confirmation Australia Wide. Please email me your post code when
requesting delivery so I can get back to you nice and quickly with a
price and how to pay to have it sent out.

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June 15 to 20, 2004 SUPER Specials.

SalesMart Support pages have been updated which includes information
and step by step instructions on how to setup the software to print on
the hub area of the new ORiON Matt White Ink Jet Printable which also
has a printable area on the hub. The support pages are password
protected for customers who have bought a DVD Burner or spindles of
DVD media or even packs of 5 DVD-RAM 3X media through SalesMart.

DVD-RAM 3X Pack of 5 in Jewel Cases $35 Inc GST.
(Only $7 Inc GST per DVD-RAM 3X Media).
Limited Stock at this very special price. Please get your orders in
early to avoid disappointment.

These DVD-RAM 3X are formatted so just place it in the Panasonic DMR
Recorder to start to record Video to or place it in the Panansonic PC
DVD Burners or the LG 4020/4040/4081/4082 or the latest Teac DVD
Burners which have DVD-RAM burning support and start to back up DATA
to the media. No need to use packet writing on these as they are
already formatted to use in PC DVD Burners or in DVD Recorders that
are capable of burning to DVD-RAM media.

Pack of 50 Slim DVD Cases from $35 Inc GST.
More info including pictures on what these look like at:

LG 4082B Beige DVD Burner
OEM with
PowerDVD Version 5
B's Recorder Gold 7 Version 7.10, B's Clip Version 5.38, Neo DVD
Version 5.1
Warranty LG Australia.
$168 Inc GST
Picture on what the drive looks like at:

Certified Grade A by the DVD Forum.
Glossy White Ink jet Printable.

These media have the RiDATA Logo on the Hub of the disc to show it is
a Genuine RiDATA made disc. A picture on what the RiDATA Logo looks
like on the Hub of the disc is on the web page below.

Grade A DVD-R 1X Media
White Ink Jet Printable media.
Best used in Panasonic DMR Recorders.

Grade A DVD-R 4X Media
Matt White Ink Jet Printable media.
Matt White Ink Jet Printable on the hub area of the media.

More information including picture of what the media looks like
and Verbatim 94366 Media back in stock but selling fast.

SalesMart sells DVD Media, DVD Cases Australia wide.
SalesMart sells Pioneer DVD Burners into 3 states only and LG DVD
Burners into 5 states only as this is where there is end user support
for customers if they require it. More detailed info on the SalesMart
web site.

Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.