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    Post Tech Forum Links

    We would like to dedicate this space to Alan Norman. Alan passed away in March 2005.

    Alan volunteered to be the Tech Forum moderator in 2001 when we started these forums based on the new software. He is part of the Tech Forum and will always be remembered by the people who he helped directly or indirectly.

    Eyo Forums team

    I intend to use this thread as a links thread. Please post after this to add more links to the thread. I will regularly maintain the links and remove the posts.

    1. Alan Norman's Website - Personal website which has a Computer area containing amongst other things tips on the M571 motherboard. There are also links to software that is free for personal use. I have added a new page dedicated to the MSI K7T Turbo Motherboard which is running an AMD Athlon 1 Ghz CPU and a further page which details the differences between the M571 and M571LMR Motherboards.
    2. FCC ID Search Form - Having trouble figuring out who made that old generic modem? Look for a sticker on the back of the modem, and look up the FCC ID here.
    3. M571 + AMD Upgrade Guide - Excellent guide to upgrading a M571 with AMD K6-2/K6-3 processors.
    4. M571's Soundpro Data Sheet - CMI8330 Soundpro data sheet in pdf format.
    5. SiS 5597/5598 Data Sheet - SIS 5597/5598 data sheet (DOC file) as self-extracting archive. Execute to unpack.
    6. M571 Clock Generator Data Sheet - CMedia CM8865-27 Clock Generator used on M571.
    7. AMD K6-2/3 Documentation - Official AMD documentation (in PDF format) for all AMD K6 series microprocessors available here. Includes link to get Acrobat reader for those who don't have it.
    8. More Chipset Identification Stuff - Still more PCChips chipset identification stuff.
    9. Wim's BIOS -PCChips Chipset Info - Info on chipsets used on many PCChips motherboards which will help to clear the confusion caused by PCChips's habit of re-labeling.
    10. PCChips motherboard identification help - Easy to use PCChips motherboard model identification tool.
    11. Still More PCChips Info - Massive collection of info and BIOS releases on many PCChips boards.
    12. More Unofficial PCChips Web Pages - Several unofficial PCChips pages with info on M5xx and M9xx motherboards.
    13. Franc Zabkar's M571 info pages. - For the true techies.
    14. EYO FAQ Page - A wealth of M571 info in FAQ format. Suggest reading this before posting on the forum.
    15. M571 Tech Support Page - Originally created by Cain Nelson in April 1999, these pages were transfered to Colin Powell's site in August 2000. The M571 pages were transferred to this site in May 2001
    16. The PC Guide - A very good site that explains how the different parts of a PC work. Has a very useful troubleshooter that can help you diagnose what is wrong with your computer. Authored by Charles M. Kozierok.
    17. Motherboard Monitor - Monitors a motherboard's temperature, voltage, fan sensors in Windows. Works for zillions of motherboards, with support for new ones added constantly.
    18. Windows help site
    19. RefreshForce - A utility that allows Win2000/WinXP users to preset the monitor refresh rate for different resolutions. Works by modifying the monitor's registry entries of allowed refresh rates. It autopopulates with the highest known refresh rates. The user can add, remove, or modify any entries as desired. It works with any graphics card.
    20. VIA/Cyrix MII docs
    21. New AMD K6-X processor tech docs page
    22. Updated FDISK for >64 Gig drives in 95/98/98SE - Microsoft - FDISK and FORMAT do not display correct size of drives over 64 Gigs in win95, 98, 98-SE, and ME. FIX - New FDISK and FORMAT utility downloads on this page
    23. How to use more than 512 Mb RAM in Win95/98/98SE/ME - Also read:;EN-US;q184447
    24. M571 Win 2K DMA Drivers - These IDE drivers have been tested by Timmy and found to work OK.
    25. Serial ATA - The official Serial ATA page containing the v1.0 specification and design guide
    26. AMD's master tech docs page

    Hardware Review Sites:
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    Yet another link ...

    Bear's Unofficial 20020201S M571 v3.2/3.2a BIOS - Unofficial M571 v3.2/3.2a BIOS that supports the onboard VGA without having to use the 571v113.EXE TSR. Can be used with the v1.13 Win98 drivers to support the on-board video under Win98 and WinME.

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    Lightbulb interpreting BSOD messages

    Here are a couple of links to Microsoft that explain the meanings of those unintelligible "Blue Screen of Death" error messages


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    A good VBA code samples page (for Word VBA):

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    Microsoft error code lookup tool

    This link lets you download the Microsoft error code decoder tool, "err.exe". After extracting it, you run it from a command line. For example:

    err 0x0000008e

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    Heres a few I find useful.

    Windows XP services guide. BlackViper (the No1 guide around) is MIA so here's the next best.
    and just in case BlackViper pops up again

    For checking whether those entries in your task manager are really supposed to be there.

    Nice sites for networking tutorials and information/reviews on network devices and terminology.
    and a more broadband-centric site

    Registry tweaking site. Used to be

    File extension database
    "What's the rumpus?"

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    also there is a site that gives you the best way to remove spyware/virus/malware etc

    best site I have ever used so far

    have a great day all

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    Useful Software:

    Anti-Spyware stuff most people will know. And they are free!
    Spyware Prevention
    Spyware Blaster - Keeps a database of known bad sites and protects from hosts file tampering, dodgy 3rd party site cookies and activex exploits.
    Spyware Guard - Browser hijack prevention. Resident program. Protects you from unauthorised home/search page changes and from BHOs like those annoying toolbars.

    Spyware Cure
    Adaware SE - Almost ubiquitous spyware scanner. Picks up anything Spybot missed.
    Spybot S&D - Spyware scanner that picks up anything Adaware missed.
    Hijack This - Browser Hijack recovery. Fixes anything that slips through Spyware Guard.
    Here is a link to a logfile analyser to help determine what to remove and what belongs on your machine.

    Hardware Utilities
    memtest86 - Scan memory for errors (the most erratic errors you'll ever get)
    HDD Regenerator - When bad sectors on a hard disk aren't really bad sectors at all. This will try to recover them without touching your data.
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    UltimateBootCD- Lots of useful utilities on one CD, antivirus, etc...

    WinUltimateBootCD - Similar, works in Windows Pre install environment, has gui. Got a computer that wouldn't even boot into safe mode going again.. has full NTFS access, useufl programs like Hijack this can be run through it.

    nLite is a tool for permanent Windows components removal and pre-installation Windows setup. After removal there is an option to make bootable image ready for burning on cd or testing in virtual machines. With nLite you will be able to have Windows installation which on install doesn't include, or even contain on cd, unwanted components. Also good for service pack driver integration.

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