To save yourself from embarrassment, please do read this section carefully. Congratulation to you if this is the first time you read here. I understand that reading this section takes time and effort, but you will not be proud of yourself if you didn't. If you do not understand any part of this, please post your question in the General Chat section. People will be glad to help you out. Getting help does not embarrass you, ignorance does.

Q: Is the contents in the bottom section part of
A: No, you are simply using an accessing gateway to access the USENET. People say anything they want on USENET, including abusing you if you have not read this FAQ, or thought you are communicating to some forum members.

Q: What is USENET?
A: For a short answer, please read .

For a longer answer, please see:

Q: Why are they here?
A: provide a gateway to the selected newsgroups.

Some people find it difficult to set up their news reader. Some ISPs do not provide news feed. Others do not know the newsgroups exist.

Q: Can control the contents?
A: No, this is simply a gateway, most of the posts are not posted by members. These posts are not moderated!

Q: Some posts are offensive!
A: Please ignore this section, do not join the discussion. Use native, where the contents are moderated.

Q: Can I use the forums to post my say to the newsgroups?
A: Yes, you can post a news post just like posting a message to the forums.

Any new posts or replies posted to the USENET section will be sent to USENET. Do not post in USENET section (forums) if you only want a local discussion.

Q: What should I know before I post?
A: Don't use any BB code (eg.[ B ] etc) and built-in smileys in your post. Usenet is ASCII based! No one will be able to view your nicely formatted text outside these forums. Despite the gateway converts some basic BB codes to text, (eg. bold text will be converted to *text*) you will probably be better off without using them if you are not sure.

1. Try to avoid top reply. That is reply inserted on top of the quoted text.
2. Please only quote relevant text from the post you are replying to. Always avoid quoting the entire post!
3. Try to avoid reply without quoted text

Quoted text should be within [ QUOTE ][ /QUOTE ] tags. This should happen automatically when you click the "Quote" button within a post. Text within the quote tags will be converted into lines beginning with "> " before sending to the Usenet denoting quoted text.

Don't forget Newsgroup netiquette

Q: Would my email address show up in the news post?
A: No, but your signature will if you do not uncheck "Show Signature" at the time of post. (signature is disabled at the moment)

Q: Can I delete my post in this section?
A: Not at the moment, so please read before post!

Q: Can I edit my post?
A: No, Usenet posts can not be edited. A post can be edited within the forums under one of the Usenet forums, but the original post sent to the Usenet will not be affected. Also the usual forum "bump" post to bring up an old thread may not be appropriate for Usenet posts.

Q: Why does not my post show up straight away in a news server?
A: It takes time for the news to propagate between news servers.

Q: I am confused about the Nicks.
A: It is not uncommon to see duplicated nicks. For forum members, there should be a "profile" button in the message. The newsgroup gateway messages do not contain the "profile" button.

Q: Would a forum post follow the usual USENET thread sorting?
A: There are two buttons you can post a reply.

If you click button within any of the messages to reply, then the reply will be threaded under the message you just replied.

If you click the big button at the bottom, then the post will appear as a reply to the original post.

For the technically minded, this gateway generates messages according to the RFC-1036 NNTP protocol. Replies initiated by small "Quote" button have the "References:" in the headers generated from the post when you pushed the "Quote" button. When the big "Post Reply" button is pushed, the reply will carry the "References:" from the first post of that thread.

Q: Where can I find the gateway software for my vBulletin forums?
A: The hack can be found at: